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Camo Bags
Bandy Camo Tote bags are sturdily handcrafted highly durable materials.

Making these bags as long-lasting as possible is one of the main goals. These bags are made of extremely wear-resistant fabric, and the end stitching is all internal ... using not only a double hem stitch, but an overlock stitch on the fabric ends. This insures that these bags will last a long, long time.

Camo BagP

Measuring 12" wide by 12" long by 6" deep. The Camo Bag will hold more magazines than you'll shoot in a day, plus your chronograph, rolled targets, lunch, and anything else that won't rip the bottom out. This can be regular military camo or leaf/tree/vegetation patterned camo.

Camo Bag 2
The Camo Bag has outside pockets as a standard feature. Inside pockets for cell phones and/or IPads (or seperate magazine holders) can be added to any Camo Bag by special order.